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Title: Industrial automation
Industrial automation
Authors: Fahd Sattar
Atif Shahid
Keywords: BS-Thesis
Electrical Engineering
Telecom Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This Project has been chosen to quench our desires of control something through the personal computer. It utilizes the knowledge of interfacing and the ISA slot that we chose to interface the computer through using C Language. Furthermore we feel there is not enough practical work being done in the field of automation on a large scale. It is time that our country takes up this field seriously and to a mass scale. This will, if done properly, help the industry by cutting out a large number of labor forces and make way for the mechanization process and catalyzing industrial growth. We will then require a large number of qualified people to handle these jobs. Though the initial investment will be more than the current, the output and the profit will be maximized. It must be understood by the reader that a lot of effort has been put in the project. We are not mechanical Engineers so the mechanical design of the project is not by any means perfect but adequate to the best of our abilities. The theme of the project however is worthwhile and a lot of work lies ahead in terms of enhancements and ideas.
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