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Title: A study of most important determinant of job performance
Authors: Zeeshan Hassan
Keywords: MS Thesis
Job Performance
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: Job Performance is a widely spread phenomenon in organizational context. There are many studies that have conducted on measuring job performance that widening the literature circle of human resource management. This study mainly focused on exploration of supervisor’s perceived job performance in the field of construction. There are mainly 19 different supervisor’s skills found from literature those have impact on perceived job performance. Current study primarily seeks the most relevant job skills of construction supervisor among the literature skills. For this purpose interview of construction managers conducted who are working under Pakistan Engineering Council registered companies. A pilot study was conducted to establish internal consistency of the tailor made questionnaire. Population for the current study was construction supervisors working under Pakistan Engineering Council construction companies. Questionnaires were sent to 300 supervisors in 40 different construction organizations and after scrutiny data received from 25 organizations was found correct. According to theoretical model designed for this particular study 19 literature job skills was condensed through interview into 9 job skills of construction supervisors. Factor analysis as statistical technique used for finding out the important factors. The results obtained show that communication skill among team member is most important skill for construction supervisor. Whereas decision making skill remain important at second, creativity and political skills are important for construction supervisor at number three and four respectively. It is found that there are other ways of measuring job performance i.e. role based job performance which is one of the main limitation of the study. It is recommended to perform the same study on role based job performance to highlight the most important job role of construction supervisors.
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