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Title: Effects of induced magnetic field and slip condition on peristaltic transport with heat and mass transfer in a non-uniform channel
Authors: Najma Saleem
A. Hayat
A. Alsaedi
Keywords: Jeffrey Fluid
Induced Magnetic Field
Heat and Mass Transfer
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Academic Journals
Citation: International Journal of the Physical Sciences Vol. 7(2), pp. 191 - 204, 9 January, 2012
Abstract: We study the effects of induced magnetic field and slip on the peristaltic flow of Jeffrey fluid in a non-uniform channel. Flow analysis is discussed in the presence of heat and mass transfer. Main emphasis is given to the study of stream function, the longitudinal pressure gradient, the magnetic force function, the axial induced magnetic field, the current density, the temperature and concentration. Numerical integration is carried out for pressure rise per wavelength. The flow quantities of interest are discussed by graphical illustrations.
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