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Title: Teachers as a leader and their traits: Evidence from secondary level
Authors: Tahseen Mehmood Aslam
Zulfiqar Ali
Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
Iqbal, Muhammad
Keywords: Leadership in Teaching
Leadership Styles
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 7, 11-19
Abstract: Teacher must act as a leader because his/her role is very effective in educational change. Influence of personality traits on leadership styles has been a significant topic in management but no research emphasis has been given to teacher’s personality influence on their leadership behaviors. This research investigates the correlation between these two aspects. Quantitative research is done by means of survey to a convenient sample of 150 teachers of public Secondary schools of Lahore. The dominant traits are associated with both leadership styles thus showing that both people and task oriented leadership styles are effective. This research can be generalized to other areas. The research emphasizes the importance of traits and their influence on behavior. Further researches should examine the traits which are needed for an effective leadership styles. The major contribution of this paper is that it correlate personality traits with leadership styles and high light those traits which are associated with effective leadership styles i.e. people oriented so teachers become more aware to adopt those traits which produce effective behavior and change.
ISSN: 2249-5894
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