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Title: The ergonomic study in an assembling industry
Authors: Abdul Hannan, Muhammad
Keywords: Industrial Engineering
Textile Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: This project presents the study of the ergonomics in the industrial company. The factory has manufacturing and assembling departments which have the most complicated hand movements for the workers to complete their job. The body structure and overall movement of the worker in the factory environment is observed. By using the qualitative and analytical methods the movements are to be optimized and minimized by using the most economical solutions possible. The study will relief the workers from stress and high motivation level will result in increased productivity for the factory. The workers will be brainstormed about the advantages of healthy movements in the human muscular system. The advantage of the worker will be assured before conducting this study as the involvement of the worker in the improvement process will be the essence of the study. The work study and time calculations will be re-checked before arriving to a conclusion.
Description: Project Supervisor: Dr.Nabeel Amin
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