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Title: Determining the optimum operating parameters of a PWM inverter using experimental approach
Authors: Wasim Umar
S. Salman Saeed
Abid Ali Dogar
Rashid, Muhammad
Keywords: BS-Thesis
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Electronic Devices
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: In our final project we successfully justified the optimum operating Parameters of PWM Inverter using Different techniques with the help of experimental approach. Variations on the input voltage level and switching frequency and see their impacts on the operation of the inverter and harmonics produced. The Second Major Goal which we achieve is to make less expansive inverter by using Micro Controller. And upgrade an ordinary inverter by adding Micro-Controller (16F877A). See the outputs waveform on Software Based Oscilloscope (VIRTIN Multi-Instrument V3.2). We see Harmonics on Spectrum Analyzer and Compute their result to see which technique is better having Minimum number of Harmonics and maximum efficiency. We generated PWM Technique with the help of PIC-Microcontroller (16F877A). We see that on Output 3rd, 5th and all other Odd Harmonics eliminated. Maximum amounts of Power Loss will Over Come and the output efficiency improve. Results through experimental approach show that careful selections of inverter parameters yield inverter's operation with highest efficiency and lowest distortion.
Description: Project Advisor: Muhammad Bilal
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