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Title: Ghazi University
Authors: Sajjad, Khurram
Keywords: GDP in Pakistan, Human Resource Management
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Management & Technology
Abstract: Eedduuccaattiioonn pisl athyse afu knedya rmoleen itna ld reigvehlto opfi negv ear syo hcuiemtya.n I nb efainctg,. gHeottwinegv er, sgeecntdoerr. differences still exist in Pakistan, especially in the education The United Nations Development Program has presented some facts in a report that public expenses on education make up only 2.7 Education is the process of bringing desirable change into the berthinagv ioorr sbheohualvdio brea la cchcaenpgtaebs lme suosct ibaell yd, icreuclttuerda ltloyw aanrdd cso am diecasilrlya balned e rneds.u Tlth ieny a cThoa ensgtea binli skhn ao wstlaetdeg oef, sthkiell ,a artt ttirtauidnein agn fda cuinlitdye frostra tnhdei ndge.v elopment of human resource and management sciences. To promote higher education in the country and alleviate poverty. sTpoe pcrifoicmaolltye. interdisciplinary education, research and outreach Therefore, the aims of the proposed university are as follows:- To provide best learning environment as a mean for progress Personality development as an aim of education Interaction and social environment
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