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Title: Analyzing The Impact Of Economic Liberalization On Democracy In A Globalizing World: A Case Of Pakistan
Analyzing the impact of economic liberalization on democracy in a globalizing world: a case of Pakistan
Authors: Adan Mirza
Keywords: Economic Liberalization, Globalization, Democracy, Military Regime, International Policy Co-ordination, CPEC
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management & Technology
Abstract: The research study is designed to analyze the impact of economic liberalization on democracy in Pakistangiven the globalizing world of today. Along with the variables of globalization various other variables are also considered such as military regime, civil liberties like voice and accountability, economic growth, prior democracy, population growth, foreign aid, rule of law, regime stability and provisional constitutional order. Along with these the recent impact of China-PakistanEconomic Corridor on democratic development has also be analyzed. A time series approach is used to estimate the effect of these variables on democracy. It is assumed that globalization negatively impacts democracy and dampen the democratic process however in case of Pakistanglobalization has not been accepted to such an extent so as to significantly impact the democratic process. However, it has the potential to exert a negative impact if fully received in Pakistan.
Description: Sohail Ahmad
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