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School of Food and Agricultural Sciences (SFAS) at UMT has been established with the aim to integrate recent advances in food sciences/technology and agricultural innovations in order to develop a society of food professionals, who can contribute towards the betterment of their respective communities. With an innovative teaching and research facility, SFAS acts as a pivotal bridge between the Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) and the agricultural universities across Pakistan in uplifting the farming communities and food industries of Pakistan. The programs at SFAS are designed with the aim to reinforce and enhance the students’ knowledge of scientific principles and processes involved in different aspects of food production, processing, and commercialization. Schools’ curriculum has been designed to emphasize a strong technical background with elective options important to employment in the food industry, government agencies or as preparation for graduate study. We also aim to develop strong managerial skills and leadership qualities through training and focusing on IFT(Institute of Food Technologists) core competencies in students. SFAS has a world-class education and research facility catering to the inter-connected disciplines of food science and agriculture that will address the national and global issues related to these disciplines. Our goal is to develop a nation of highly skilled food science professionals through flexible learning, invaluable industry experience, and unique research that will ensure safe and healthier food for our community through focused research and development.


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