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Title: Long range communication using stimulated radiation of visible light
Authors: Mahmood, Imran
Keywords: Laser communication
Transmits the audio or sound signal
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: Laser communication is new wireless technology that transmits the audio or sound signal from one Source to another source by the laser beam of the system. The system can probably transmit audio and sound much faster than the other systems. And can transmit data up to 1 GB per second. Just because of this it became more famous and well-known system than any other. Laser communication is an enormous field. But it is still need line of sight for sake of communication. This technology isn’t introduced in Pakistan at that level just because of this problem. But it has been established as a very valuable technology in advanced countries. In Pakistan optical fiber and RF are being used which also have great drawback that these can be jammed. So by using laser communication at some height will end up the problem of line of sight. And it can also never be jammed.
Description: Supervised By:Usman Inayat
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