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Authors: Aziz, Maira
Keywords: Fish industry,Catch to Cook
Fish Processing plant,Fish market
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: A successful development is one which has strong roots to sustain and is compatible with the context. And the roots of the development of the area are starts from the development of the natives of that area. As Gwadar is going through huge development under CPEC so there is a prime need to develop the prevailing facilities for locals of the area so that they become the part of this development. Gwadar has got all the attributes of development of its natives due to its geostrategic location. When it comes to fishing then it is not a new thing to the people of Gwadar in fact it is deep rooted in their blood as it is the major profession of their forefathers and transfer from one generation to the next generation. The project use the architecture as a tool to vitalize the under developed fish industry in Gwadar by providing a comprehensive fish processing factory and market while engaging the public in the process of “Catch to Cook” .The design will enhance the public experience by integrating hierarchy of spaces of exhibition, performing and Sea Food school, in this way traditional fishing culture will gradually sustain its past glory. The process inside the fish processing factory and market can be a different kind of performance, while the end of the journey like restaurants etc. marks the consumption. Since people are Gwadar people aware of fishing and probably all of them like fishing but there is platform to execute that sideline as profession and to collect revenue. So there should be appropriate proposal of the facility and it has been proposed as such facility which will contain Sea Food School, Fish market, Fish Processing plant, Museum and Performing Areas.
Description: Supervised By: Dr. Saima Gulzar
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