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Title: Instructional Strategies used in Inclusive Education at University Level
Authors: Ain, Qurat-Ul
Keywords: Instructional strategies,Education system
Statistical techniques,
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: The purpose of the research was to identify effective instructional strategies for student with disabilities in inclusive education system at university level, to find out perception of teachers about instructional strategies which commonly used at university level. Questionnaire was developed for teachers of universities. Questionnaire was validated from experts of the field and pilot tested and their reliabilities were found as 0. 93% .Further, these questionnaires were tested on 153 teachers of different universities of Lahore city. Convenient sampling technique was used for data collection. The study is descriptive in nature. Further it is survey research. Both descriptive and inferential statistical techniques were applied to analyse the collected data. Average mean value of each factor was calculated and on the basis of this average mean value, the factor were rank ordered. The study concluded that the , interactive instructions(cooperative learning, brainstorming, peer-tutoring) is the most effective instructional strategies for the student with disabilities, student with disabilities can learn effectively through these methods and can develop better understanding through these instructional techniques at university level. Direct instructions (lecture method, scaffolding, pre-teaching) also a useful instructional techniques for the student with disabilities according to the university teachers. Student with disabilities can covered a large amount of content through these instructional methods at university level, while experiential instructional methods (observations, conducting experiments, field work, and field trip) are difficult for the student with disabilities. They feel difficulty in these instructional methods
Description: Supervised By: Dr. Faisal Anees
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