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Title: Prevalence of sensory problems among children with autism spectrum disorder
Authors: Kausar, Tahmina
Keywords: sensory processing disorder
Autism spectrum disorder
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: ABSTRACT Sensory processing is a complex neurobiological process and described by perceive, transfer, interpret the stimuli and react accordingly. Sensory processing disorder is a diverse situation; Individuals with SPD have impaired responses, and significantly affect participation in daily life activities. Unfortunately children with autism also show impaired, repetitive and restricted behaviors. Current study was conducted with the aim to analyze such abnormalities among children with autism. Questionnaire was taken as tool and data was collected from parents and teachers dealing with such kids. A sample of two hundred and fifty parents and teachers was selected from different public and private sector schools of Lahore, for the collection of data. After the data collection it was analyzed through SPSS software, Independent sample t-test and correlation was run to reach the results and mean value was calculated. The results of independent sample t-test, prove that there is no significant difference in the perception of teachers and parents about the sensory problems of their children and students with ASD. Vision is found to be most common sensory issue among all the children. Early interventions, occupational and sensory therapies can be helpful to overcome these sensory issues.
Description: Supervised by: Dr. Hina Fazil
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