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Title: The Role of Rural Woman in the Rural-Urban Migration Decisions: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Migratory Facets toward Lahore
The role of rural woman in the rural-urban migration decisions: a cross-sectional analysis of migratory facets toward Lahore
Authors: Lubna Naz
Keywords: Rural-urban migration
Push/pull factors
MS Thesis
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: This study investigates pull and push factors inspiring rural-urban migration toward Lahore - capital city of Punjab province of Pakistan. Among many other less consequential factors, the study in particular seeks to identify most important contributory factors in said migratory processes, coupled with whether or not woman empirically plays any role in spatial relocation of her household. Within a broader positivistic framework, data is collected entailing convenience random sampling of select locales of Lahore and analyzed using quantitative methods i.e., factor and regression analysis. It emerges that apart from significant role of woman in decision making for internal migration, the other more conspicuous variables found in rural-urban migration is the economic factor that has emerged as significant accounting for 47 % of total variance. Social factor is the second important factor with 29 % of variance. Better urban amenity is the third important factor that explained 12% of total variation.
Description: Supervised by: Seemi Waheed
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