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Title: Improving response time and security of vehicular ad hoc net works (VANET)
Authors: Zia, Qasim
Keywords: Ad hoc Networks
MS thesis
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: Response Time is the main requirement for present and future applications of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET). The response time delay is a major cause of traffic stuck which especially effect the vehicles that give emergency services. Delay in response time can lead us to the high occurrences of accidents in traffic and road user’s dissatisfaction. Priority methodology is the urgency of one message over the rest. The main emphasis of our current solution is to make improvement in the response time of VANET. In this thesis, we study about Vehicular Ad hoc Networks(VANET) that there exists a delay in message transmission and emergency vehicles stuck up in the traffic due to that particular delay in message transmission. To resolve this particular issue, we improve the response time by introducing the message prioritization methodology based upon vehicle categorization. The message with higher priority would be given resources immediately without any delay. Primarily, Priority based technique is used up to three different vehicle categorizations. Moreover, based on proposed methodology, we make algorithm and flowchart which reflects its importance. Lastly, we evaluate delay and throughput of our proposed protocol with ad hoc based protocol AODV in NS2.We identify and analyze the number of security challenges exist and expected privacy threads in VANET. In the end, simulation results show that the proposed framework has less delay and better throughput which leads to less and better response time.
Description: Supervised by: Dr. Shoaib Farooq
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