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Title: Solar powered autonomous lawn mower robot
Authors: Ali Javaid, Muhammad
Talha Mirza, Muhammad
Shah Zaib, Ali
Yousaf, Toseef
Keywords: Electrical energy
Solar energy
BS thesis
Issue Date:  17
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: As the title of this project suggest that we using renewable form of energy and the best form of renewable energy is solar energy. We are using solar energy because of the shortage of electrical energy. We are making ‘solar powered autonomous lawn mower robot’ which will cut the grass autonomously using solar energy. We have designed a lawn mower which will have improve features from the previous ones which are already available in the market. Our lawn mower requires no parameter wire to stay in the lawn, our lawn mower itself makes sure that it never leaves the lawn by sensing the boundary of the lawn by using sensors. Our objective is to make a lawn mower which ensure safety. It is portable, durable, and user friendly and environmental friendly. Our project is designed in two different stages. In first stage we made it as an electrical lawn mower as it will operate with the help of DC battery and in second stage we will use renewable energy in the form of solar energy form solar panel to power our lawn mower. By gathering the data about and doing our project we got to know that how much technology we used in this project.
Description: Supervised by: : Dr. Irfan Ullah
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