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Title: Travel Pakistan (Android App)
Authors: Hafeez Ullah
Abbas, Usman
Irshad, Hassan
Naeem, Farhan
Keywords: Travel Pakistan
Foreigners Travelled
BS thesis
Issue Date:  17
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: Tourism is about travellig and exploring different places. Purpose of tourism is to get pleasure in leisure time. In Pakistan there are a lot of places which depicts the scenery of heaven but there is a lack of opportunites to advertise them. Our tourist industry has become a victim of terrosrism and this industry has lost a soft image.Recentlysurvey tells only 5000 foriegners travelled in year 2015 while on the other side india attracted 10 million foriegners annualy. We all know Pakistan has more beautiful places so why we are facing issue in tourism industry? PTDC is one of the responsible Company to promote tourism butif you go to them, they offer very expensive domestic tours. There is also lack of information regarding beautiful places,there are not much websites and applications regarding to Pakistani Tourism. If someone has information regarding these places , this application is a golden platform which will provide information about the prices of hotels and transport The purpose of ‘Travel Pakistan android application’ is to provide proper and authentic information regarding Travelling in North Pakistan. It will provide the platform where every user can make his own travel plan which includes fares of buses, Prices of hotel rooms and most importantly what are the places to see. Most of the people face difficulty in finding hotels which are in their range and they don’t have authentic information regarding different places which they want to explore but they have a lack of information. This application is for everyone who is willing to travel. Our main target are those who goes for travelling now and then. From Families to youngsters, this application is for all of them. Our main goal is to make ‘Travelling easy’ with authentic information. We will also focus on to provide cheap travel plans which could save money of travelers
Description: Supervised by: Sheraz Naseer
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