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dc.contributor.authorAhmed Ijaz-
dc.contributor.authorMuaz Asim-
dc.contributor.authorFarman Ali-
dc.description.abstractWFI (Work Flow Implementation) of FT (Final Transcript) is Web Based Application that aims to provide the automation of flow of work. The problem with the existing system is that the application form like Final Transcript Clearance form moves from desk to desk in a predetermined order in different departments. At each desk, a task is performed on the application form, until the application is finally approved. Each employee process the application without knowing the actual flow. Usually in an institute a document is approved or verified by different departments manually. Due to this manual flow of work, much more time consumes or waste. Secondly there is advance that form might get lost in a department and it is very difficult to trace the lost form. We are going to develop this Web Base Application for UMT that will facilitate the employees to work rapidly, effectively and automatically. The participant has to move from one department to another and the existing system of the clearance of FT is manual. So the rapidly increase in technology indulges us to develop such system that performs the task effectively and efficiently. To solve this problem we provide workflow for the application using open source work flow engine. Work flow processes provide the paperless processing of the request and approved by the employees that are designated at different places. This product will be directly beneficial for the department employee and the participants. The manual flow of work will be transferred on the computer system and we will get redeem from that flow of work. The student or participant has no any directly involvement in term of using this product but it will be beneficial for them in case of FT clearance. The ASU employee will submit the request of FT clearance to different departments and these departments will feedback to ASU department. The other relevant department like PSD, PDnP, E-Lab, Book Bank (names of departments), Library will only receive the request and response to ASU (Academic Support Unit). ASU employee is capable of generating and forwarding of request but the other departments only receive the request and response back to ASU. Other departments can not generate the request but these departments only response back to ASU.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity of Management and Technologyen_US
dc.subjectWork Flow Implementationen_US
dc.subjectAcademic Support Uniten_US
dc.subjectComputer Scienceen_US
dc.titleFinal transcript clearance systemen_US
dc.titleFinal transcript clearance systemen_us
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