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Title: A study of political economy of bureaucracy in Pakistan
Authors: Khawar Shahzad, Ahmad
Keywords: Provincial officers
MS. Theses
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Management and Technology Lahore
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the “Political Economy of Bureaucracy in Pakistan” as a part of study in Public Policy. It was a goal of this study to understand the current practices of bureaucracy in Pakistan, associated with service delivery to common man. It was also the premise of this study to comprehend the challenges faced by the modern administrators regarding implementation of policies. One of the objectives of the study was to comprehend the reasons and nature of relationship between federal and provincial officers for more cordial and harmonious correlation, imperative for institutional stability in the administrative structure of Pakistan. The study was carried on the provincial and federal officers in the Punjab province. The data presented in this research provides information for understanding the status of bureaucracy and implementation of policies by a sample of 452 Provincial and Federal officers in Punjab province in Pakistan. The study followed guidelines of exploratory and descriptive research. Data were collected through self administered questionnaire as well as e- mailed questionnaires to 452 provincial and federal officers in the Punjab province. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and independent sample‘t- test’ to describe officers’ perception about institutional quality, public policy formulation and implementation, politicization of bureaucracy, and federal-provincial services inter-relationship. No statistical difference was found between provincial and federal officers regarding public policy formulation and implementation of bureaucracy in Pakistan. While there found to be significant difference between provincial and federal officers about the perception of institutional quality of bureaucracy; politicization of bureaucracy and; federal-provincial services inter-relationship of bureaucracy in Pakistan. The findings of the study indicated that the respondents favored for enhancing the institutional quality by imparting training to the officers and following meritocracy by discouraging quota-based selection of officers. Furthermore, the results of the study indicated that bureaucrats serve the politicians more zealously than the general public. They have developed strong nexus with politicians for political and economic interests; politicization of bureaucracy has exacerbated institutional decay and bureaucrats exert influence on civil governments. The findings also reflected that economic development of Pakistan was beyond the capacity of prevalent bureaucracy and Public policy process was not implemented due to bureau-politic nexus in Pakistan. The results of the study indicated that the federal officers, posted in the provinces, were more powerful than provincial officers; Provinces are financially commanded by federal officers being posted on the decision-making slots. Furthermore empowerment of provincial officers in the provinces can create better institutional stability and harmony because provincial officers are discriminated by the federal officers during promotions and postings in their own provinces deliberately, so, a joint service comprising of federal and provincial officers can be effective strategy for national solidarity. This study revealed the main problems related to bureaucracy of Pakistan. At the end, specific recommendations were suggested in view of the findings of the study and literature review. This study would assist the future researchers to grapple with the work associated with institutional quality of bureaucracy of Pakistan that is sine-quo-non for economic development. It would also enable the researchers to clench the bureau-politic nexus through public policy formulation and implementation process.
Description: Supervised by:Prof. Rahat ul Ain
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