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Psychology is one of the most popular social sciences all over the world, both at graduate and post graduate levels. For centuries, Psychology, as a part of Philosophy shared its aim of understanding the nature including human nature. The method of inquiry used was mainly observation, supported by logic for drawing inferences and making predictions and then validating all these by further experiences. For thousands of years, psychology and philosophy remained convenient bedfellows. The wake- up call came around the turn of the 20th century. The developments in the natural sciences like physics, chemistry, biology and experimental methodology forced some to look at the human being more interms of behaviour rather than Psyche’. Psychology introduced more objectivity than Philosophy and subjected their conjectures to rigors of scientific testing.

We will endeavor to raise the standards of teaching, training and expertise of clinical psychologists to international levels, to meet mental health needs of the people and serve the community at large with professionalism, dedication and commitment through scientific methods and procedures developed and validated indigenously.

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