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Title: Trend of public-private partnership in Pakistan: An analytical study
Trend of public-private partnership in Pakistan: an analytical study
Authors: Mariam Ahmed
Keywords: MS Thesis
Public-private partnership
New public management
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The concept of Public-Private partnership was developed formally in 1980s after the emergence of New Public Management (NPM) which has shaped governance into a new form. New Public Management has encouraged joint collaboration of public and private sector for the development of different projects. United States of America and United Kingdom are leading countries who have practiced Public-Private partnership in different sectors successfully. Other countries have also implemented Public-Private partnership in different areas. The response of Public-Private partnership projects is mixed all over the world. There are success stories as well as failure stories of Public-Private partnership projects in different countries. Pakistanalso experimented with Public-Private partnership in 90s. Private sector was invited in telecom and power sector mainly. Power generation plants were established on the basis of Public-Private partnership but it was not an efficacious project. The failure of the project did not discouraged Government of Pakistanand it involved private sector in some more projects in different areas. In 2010, Government of Pakistanhas developed a policy on Public Private Partnership which has been approved by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) but there is slow progress in terms of its implementation. Hence, it is required to find out the reasons of slow implementation of Public-Private partnership in Pakistanbecause it is an effective tool to improve the governance of the country where there is financial deficit and resource constraint. On the other hand, private sector in Pakistanhas not only abundant resources but also expertise and skills. Therefore, it is viable option to involve private sector in public sector projects for timely and efficient completion. This research study has explored the causes of slow practice of Public-Private partnership along with the experiences of Pakistanin Public-Private partnership projects.
Description: Superviosr: Mr. Sohail Ahmad
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