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Title: Achievement in academic and social skills: A comparative study of students with and without education vouchers
Achievement in academic and social skills: a comparative study of students with and without education vouchers
Authors: Iftikhar Ahmad Rabbani
Keywords: Phd Thesis
Academics and social skills
Education vouchers
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Main purpose of the study was to search out the effect of Education Voucher Scheme (EVS) on academics and social skills of the students of class 8th. The study is an ex-post facto and co- relational in nature. Survey method was adopted to conduct the research. The accessible population of the study consisted of 8th grade students in two districts i.e. Lahore and Kasur. From these two districts, 17 schools were selected through random sampling. Data were collected from all available EVS students in these schools and research sample comprised of 504 students. The division of EVS and non-EVS students was 252 and 252. For academic achievement, 8th class result announced by Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) in 2012 was considered. Social skills like cooperation, assertion, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and self control were measured through a self developed rating scale named as Rabbani Social Skills Rating Scale (RSSRS). The instrument was close ended consisted of 35 Likert type statements on four point scale as (1 = never, 2 = occasionally, 3 = often and 4 = very often). The instrument was administered in class room situation. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The results of the study showed that non EVS students were academically better as compared to their EVS counterparts. However EVS students showed continuous improvement in the academic as well as in social skills as they progress from class 6th to class 8th. The study showed that there is strong positive relationship between academic achievement and social skills both for EVS and non-EVS students. It was recommended that Government should increase the budget allocation to promote EVS programs and Punjab Education Foundation should make further efforts to improve the quality of instruction in EVS program in order to better v address the educational and social needs of EVS students. The government should make certain arrangement to improve the parent education
Description: Supervisor: Professor Dr. Abdul Hameed
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