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Title: Pre-requisites of muslim-christian relations in 21st century
Authors: Muhammad Junaid Nadvi
Muhammad Abdullah
Keywords: Pre-requisites
Muslim-Christian Relations
21st Century
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Gomal University Journal of Research
Citation: 28. Nadvi, M. J., & Abdullah, M. (2014). Pre-requisites of Muslim-Christian Relations in 21st Century. Gomal University Journal of Research, 30(1).
Abstract: Muslims and Christians have been involved in exchanges over matters of faith and morality since the dawn of Islam. Attitudes between these faiths today are deeply coloured by the legacy of past encounters, and often preserve centuries-old negative views. The interest of the Muslims and Christians in understanding each other is also phenomenal in history. In view of this scenario, this paper attempts to propose some reflections on Muslim-Christian Relations in the 21st Century in the view of these questions: What kind of relations does Muslims and Christians want in this century? What are some of the obstacles and challenges to be considered? And what steps can be taken to overcome these obstacles or meet these challenges? These questions have been answered in this paper for the kind of Muslim-Christian relations to be anticipated for and worked for.
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