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Title: Active phased array radars as an effective eccm systems
Authors: Faran Awais Butt
Ahmed Malik
Madiha Jalil
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Progress in electromagnetic research symposium
Citation: Butt F. A., Ahmed, M., & Jalil, M. (2014). Active Phased Array Radars as an Effective ECCM systems, Paper presented at 35th PIERS (Progress in electromagnetic research symposium) Guangzhou, China
Abstract: Phased Array Radars have started to regain some serious attention over the past few decades owing to its high accuracy, efficiency and less susceptible characteristics. The most basic requirement that one could wish for in a good modern radar is its beam agility, low distribution loss, maximum bandwidth, lower cost, maximum efficiency and effective resource management. Modern phased array radars can be best utilized to achieve characteristics of an effective radar system with minimum tradeoffs. The most basic thing that it can achieve is, that the antennas can be arranged to get the desired radiation pattern. The characteristics and detection abilities of active phased array radar systems are discussed. Moreover, the paper suggests that active phased array radar can be best suited as an electronic counter-counter measure system.
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