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Title: Sectarianism in Pakistan causes, impacts and eradication
Authors: Humera Raana
Keywords: M.Phil Thesis
Islamic Thought and Civilization
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: This thesis investigates how sectarianism originated, got intensified gradually and sectarian identities fortified citizens‟ loyalty to their particular sectarian leaders in Pakistan. Sect a general term is often used for an exclusive faction or a particular type of religious grouping. It is a hatred arising from discrimination and from giving significance to apparent differences between various subdivisions within a group. Unfortunately they always attached with some religious discourse to justify their racial or political claims. They promote hostility and superstition among the members of all the competing creeds or groups, eventually leading to a civil strife and political instability. While engaged in mutual fighting, they lost sight of the superior doctrines as well as purpose of the divine law (shari‟ah) which provides Muslims with a perspective far vaster those afforded by finicky debate over small points of law and process.
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