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Title: Assembly line efficiency improvement using value stream mapping
Other Titles: the lean manufacturing system tool
Authors: Abbas Amin, Muhammad
Umair Bari, Muhammad
Keywords: BS Thesis
Industrial Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: University of Management and Technology
Abstract: Our report wishes to present a strategy used to create an image about the informational and material flows of products and services. In this report, value stream mapping (VSM) is applied in textile unit i.e Stylers International (Pvt) Ltd. located in Lahore. This factory deals with Denim. Value stream mapping is applied by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Six KPIs are identified and then all work is carried out in identifying them and in second phase efforts are applied in improving these KPIs. KPIs identified are 1) Transportation 2) Lead Time 3) Waiting Time 4) Work in process 5) Defects 6) Efficiency. After identifying these KPIs, Value Stream Map of current scenario of factory is developed based on data collected regarding these KPIs. By drawing the value stream maps of Basic Jean assembly line non-value added (NVA) operations were determined and then they were eliminated in the improved case. Lean principles are applied in determining loop holes and solutions are presented. Proposed best solutions of all KPIs are reproduced according to the Lean approach. Results are quantified in comparison with current state data. After all KPIs are reproduced and reset then again Value Stream Map is drawn that map is termed as Proposed Future State Map. It is shown that efforts on effective use of resources with prevention of waste in their source increase value added (VA) operations and also efficiency. This study also emphasizes the VSM’s important role in the textile sectors’ assembly line.
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