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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Tacit knowledge as a source of competitive advantage in cricketNaveed Yazdani; Abdul Rasheed Kausar
2015Tangle wizardAsim Khan; Shahid, Nauman
2015TAP alpha android application.Shahid, Amna; Nadeem, Saaman; Ayyaz, Ahmad
2017Taste & rateSada-E-Saboor
2018Tattooing trend: major cause of HCV transmission among youngstersBraira Wahid; Komal Saleem; Nouman Rasool; Shazia Rafique; Amjad Ali; Muhammad Waqar; Muhammad Idrees
12-Jun-2015Taylor-Couette Flow of an Oldroyd-B Fluid in an Annulus Subject to a Time-dependent RotationAsjad, M. Imran
2017Teacher Assistance SystemSyed Mohsin Raza; Saadullah Naeem; Hafiz Umer Farooq
2017Teacher Assistance SystemSyed Mohsin Raza; Saadullah Naeem; Hafiz Umer Farooq
2018Teacher-Student Interaction, Peer Relationship and Emotional Behavioral Problems in Madrassa and Mainstream School StudentsUshna Farrukh
2012Teachers as a leader and their traits: Evidence from secondary levelTahseen Mehmood Aslam; Zulfiqar Ali; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Iqbal, Muhammad
2017Teachers as collaborators in diverse classrooms:Arslan Shahzad; Sadia Maqbool
2017Teachers Evaluation SystemSohail Danyal; Kamran Mansoor
2014Teachers perception about the usefulness of it labs project in schools of punjab, pakistanMuhammad Javid Qadir; Pacurar, Ecaterina; Abdul Hameed
2017Teachers perceptions about motivation and effective teachingAlexander, Sarah
2017Teachers’ attitudes towards technology integration in special education classroomsTabassum Naz
2015Teachers’ perception on school’s evaluation and school academic effectivenessKhalid, Nida
2018Teachers’ resistance towards change in Punjab public schoolsRiasat, Lubna
2017Teacher’s perception about use of ICT in teaching technology coursesAhsan Saeed
2017Teaching English Language through LiteratureTehreen Shaukat
2017The teaching of phonetic transcription and its effectiveness at secondary school levelUm-ul-Huda