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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015O StoreMuhammad Nadeem; Furqan Ahmed; Muhammad Ahmad Nawaz Ul Ghani
2014An observatory note on tests for normality assumptionsAhmed F. Siddiqi
2017Obstacle Avoidance & Live Broadcasting RobotImtiaz, Hamza; Khudaija-Tul-Murtaza; Martin, Punema
2014Occupational stressors, coping styles and mental health problems in nurses of private and government hospitalsNajda Khawaja
2015OCR TranslatorAmir Sattar; Muhammad Ismail; Suneela Zulfiqar; Shahzad Shafique; Muhammad Afzal
9-Jun-2015Odd Graceful Labeling of Acyclic Graphs.Riasat, Ayesha
2015Ofdm based scm for multicast dual amplify and forward relaysMuhammad Adnan; Irfan Ahmed; Ishtiaq Ahmed; Chen, Shaohua; Wang, Yafeng; Yang, DaCheng
2015OFDM simulation using MATLABJunaid Hafeez Butt; Irfan Haider; Bilal Suleman
2012'OH, I am sorry : The realization patterns of apologising in Urdu in PakistanShazia Kousar
2014Oil inventory management systemHashim Mehmood
2017Ok AmeerRafiq, Hamza
2017Old age home culture say no, reality say yesZaheer Butt, Zainab
2017Omega Parenting (Parental Control)M. Hamza Kamal, Syed
2013On a class of controlled functional differential inclusionsSadia Arshad; Lupulescu, Vasile
2014On dynamical instability of spherical star in f (R, T) gravityIfra Noureen; Zubair, Muhammad
2012On fuzzy ideals in rings and anti-homomorphismTariq Shah; Saeed, Muhammad
2013On metric dimension of flower graphs fnχm and convex polytopesImran, Muhammad; Fozia Bashir; Baig, Abdul Q.; Bokhary, Ahtsham Ul Haq; Ayesha Riasat; Tomescu, Ioan
2-Sep-2016On optimal fuzzy best proximity coincidence points of fuzzy order preserving proximal Ψ(σ, α)-lower-bounding asymptotically contractive mappings in non-Archimedean fuzzy metric spaces.Saleem, Naeem; De la Sen, Manuel; Abbas, Mujahid
2014On Super (a, d)-Edge-Antimagic Total Labeling of A Class of TreesA.Raheem; A.Q.Baig; M.Javaid
2013On the betti numbers of some classes of binomial edge idealsSohail Zafar; Zohaib Zahid