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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016N-framed soft set with basic operationsAzhar Hussain
2016NafasatAzeem, Aqsa
Jul-2014Nano-CMOS spice level implementation of different modules for direct digital frequency synthesis applicationHassan Muhuyuddin; Faisal Yaseen; Moazam Ali Khan; Ramsha Ayub
2016Narcissism and self esteem as predictor of aggression among adolescentsSaleem, Amna
2015National 1122 tabletAdeel Sajjad; Adnan Ashraf; Abdul Qadeer
2018National Livestock CentreTalha, Ahmed
2017National Security Discourse In Pakistan’s Leading Policy Journals During The Post-9/11 EraButt, Hamza
Aug-2013Natural order of vocabulary acquisitionShaban Rafi, Muhammad
2013Natural Products: Bioactivity, Biochemistry, and Biological Effects in Cancer and Disease TherapyChang, Hsueh-Wei; Chuang, Li-Yeh; Guleria, Sanjay; Sammia Yasmin
2016Nature and frequency of code mixing in spoken discourse of public and private institutions of LahoreAziz, Fouzia
2015Navigation and face recognition for handicapsSyed Hamza Hassan Gardezi; Ali Raza Jutt; Waqas Akram
2016Need and importance of customized fitting in FootwearSardar, Fareeha
2015Need assessment for instructional materials for successful implementation of inclusive educationSumeeta Zia Rana
2014Need for global uniform framwork for Islamic financial instrumentsAbdul Rafay Siddique
2013Need for smart transmission grid in PakistanImran Ali; Faran Awais Butt; Ahmed Malik; Talha Khalid
2012Negative effect of cell phone on class room learningAbdullah Umer, Muhammad; Nimra Raza
2013Negative Effect of Cell Phone on Classroom LearningUmer, Abdullah; Raza, Nimra
2011Negative impact of internet on youthShehla Hameed; Aysha Awan
2015Network infrastructure revamp INTECH process automationUmair Tanveer; Naveed Razzaq; Muhammad Faizan; Salman Saeed