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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Haiti business search directoryMuhammad Awais
2015Hajj crowd mobile navigation systemAsmat, Rana Waleed; Muhammad Naeem
2010Handicap guidance support systemSaim Tariq; Bilal Afzal; Ali Iqbal
2015Harmonic analysis of grid connected photo voltaic systemKhan, Omar Raza; Rehmani, Awais
2017Harmonic analysis of grid connected photo voltaic systemOmar Raza Khan; Awais Rehmani
2015Harnessing of solar energy by Helio¬- aero gravity actionShaheen, Tayyaba
2018HCV treatment with sofosbuvir in Pakistan; current scenario and future perspectiveAyesha Khaliq; Imtiaz Ahmad; Muhammad Sohail Afzal
2016Health anxiety, self-medicating behavior and general health issues in University students.Ansar, Muniba
2016Health in times of uncertainty in the eastern Mediterranean region, 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013.Bacha, Umer
2017Health Information Seeking Behavior and Internet Usage inTEHLEEL, IQRA
2015Hearing impaired solutionsWarsi, Abdul Basit; Zia ul Hassan, H.M.; Khan, Zeeshan
2017Heart rate measuring device using index fingerHamza Khalid; Hashaam Rafiq; Sheraz Ali; Arsalan Mukhtar
2014Heat and mass transfer on the peristaltic transport of non-Newtonian fluid with creeping flowMusharafa Saleem
2016Hedging and turn taking by Pakistani politicians: media discourse analysisAbbas, Tanzila
2012Hedonic price estimation for seed cotton: a case study of district Khanewal, PakistanManan Aslam; Abdul Ghafoor; Shafqat Rasool
2017Height school systemJamshaid Afzal; Adil Ali; Rana Mehroz Ali
2016Helix drone (RC helicopter)Fahad, Muhammad; Zafar, Arslan; Bilal, Soban
2017Hepatoprotective Activity of Pistachia khinjukTayyaba Mushtaq
2017Hepatoprotective activity of pistachia khinjukTayyaba Mushtaq
2017Hepatoprotective effect of cichorium intybus linn(kasni) seeds extracts on carbon tetrachloride induced liver damage in albino miceAmna Khalid