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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Fabric tensile strength as affected by different anti pilling agents at various concentration and PH levelsMuhammad Qamar Tusief; Nasir Mahmood; Nabeel Amin
2015Fabrication and characterization of cadmium sulfide nanowires on aluminum oxide templateMalik Imran Afzal
2017Fabrication and characterization of Ni nanorods by electrodeposition into alumina templateMaryam Nazir
10-May-2016Fabrication and characterization of TiO2 nano rods by electrochemical deposition into an anodic alumina templateMUHAMMAD, IKRAAM,; SHAHID, SAMMIA; ZAMAN, SABAH
2015Fabrication and characterization of TiO2 nano rods made by sol gel electrophoresis deposition into anodic alumina templateMuhammad Ikraam
2017Fabrication of continuous mode biomass gasifier reactor for thermal applicationAleeza Fatima; Muhammad Azeem Ashraf; Omer Munir
2013Face Cartoonization and CaricatureIrum Pervaiz
2013Face recognition based on feature point deterctionMohsin Ijaz Chaudhry; Touqeer Attique
12-Jan-2013Face recognition using principle component analysisIlker Binal
2014Facebook addiction among students and job-holdersZainab Javed
2013Facets of religious violence in PakistanMuhammad Feyyaz
2017A facile method for the extraction of sodium alginate from the algaeRaza, Kumal
2017Factor affecting children immunization in LahoreSyeda Tahseen Fatima
2017Factora affecting children immunization in LahoreSyeda Tahseen Fatima
2012Factorization properties and chain conditions on ideals: A linkageSaeed, Muhammad; Tariq Shah; Inayatur-Rehman; Waheed Ahmad Khan
2017Factors affecting children immunization in LahoreSyeda Tahseen Fatima
2012Factors affecting job satisfaction among faculty members Herzbergļæ½s two factor theory perspective a study of shah abdul latif university, sind, PakistanFarhan Mehboob; Niaz Ahmed Bhutto; Sarwar M. Azhar; Fallahuddin Butt
2013Factors affecting parental choices for prigate school as compared to public schoolGhulam Haider
2017Factors affecting the growth of Islamic microfinance institutions In PakistanShahid Safdar
2014Factors determining the selection of captial budgeting techniquesFarrukh Ijaz