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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing impact of quota elimination on factor productivity growth of textile sector of Pakistan.Rukhsana Kalim
2013Changing revealed comparative advantage of textile and clothing sector of Pakistan: pre and post quota analysisNawaz Ahmad; Rukhsana Kalim
2011Determinants of food price inflation in PakistanMuhammad Abdullah; Rukhsana Kalim
2012Empirical analysis of food price inflation in PakistanMuhammad Abdullah; Rukhsana Kalim
2010Gaps in management education: a case study of university of management and technologyAbdur Raouf; Rukhsana Kalim; Ahmed F. Siddiqi
2008Gender-based faculty development model for higher educationUzma Quraishi; Rukhsana Kalim
2013The impact of foreign direct investment on stock market developmentMuhammad Shahbaz; Hooi Hooi Lean; Rukhsana Kalim
2015Impact of global food price escalation on inflation in south asian countries.Rukhsana Kalim
2013The impact of inflation and economic growth on unemploymentAyesha Wajid; Rukhsana Kalim
2010Is inflation regressive or progressive? Long run & short run evidence from PakistanMuhammad Shahbaz; Abu N. M. Wahid; Rukhsana Kalim
2011Micro financing of NGOS and government: collaborative impact on poverty eradicationRukhsana Kalim; Taseer Salahuddin
2013Military expenditure and poverty in Pakistan: a complex phenomenonRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2014Public defense spending and poverty in PakistanRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2006Quantification of social economic deprivations of squatter settlement's inhabitants: a case study of LahoreRukhsana Kalim; Sheraz Ahmad Bhatty
2009Remittances and poverty nexus: evidence from PakistanRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahbaz
2012The role of key macroeconomic variables in fiscal deficit of Pakistan: an empirical analysisMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Rukhsana Kalim
2005Strategic directions for developing an islamic banking systemSuleman Aziz Lodhi; Rukhsana Kalim
2012The triangular causality among education, health and economic growth: a time series analysis of PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Rukhsana Kalim
2013What lies behind fiscal deficitRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan