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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Advertisement and Islam: a muslim world perspectiveAdeel Bari; Rana Zamin Abbas
2012Book review, capitalizing on culture: critical theory for cultural studiesRana Zamin Abbas; G. Mujtaba
2011Book review: islami muaashiyaatRana Zamin Abbas
2011Determinants of sinic civilization and their impact on organization theoryNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Rana Zamin Abbas; Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal
2013Effect of corporate alienation on managerial decision makingRana Zamin Abbas; Muhammad Rizwan Junaid; Muhammad Razzaq Athar; Zulfqar Ahmad
2011The existential face of organization: a literature reviewRana Zamin Abbas; Ahmad Raza; Muhammad Ashraf; Naveed Yazdani; Abdur Rahman Malik; Zulfqar Ahmad
2011An exploratory study of SHRM practices in developing countries: a case of public sector organization gsp (with reference to john mcauley’s perspectives)Rana Zamin Abbas; Naveeda Kitchlew; Zulfqar Ahmad; Abdul Rafay
2012Exploring the issues and new insights of global branding and strategic corporate social responsibility (csr): a case of Pakistani organizationsRana Zamin Abbas; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Mazhar Abbas Khan; Abdul Ghaffar Ghaffari; Abdul Rafay
2012Exploring the link between foreign direct investment, multinational enterprises and spillover effects in developing economiesAbdur Rahman Malik; Chaudhry Abdul Rehman; Muhammad Ashraf; Rana Zamin Abbas
2013Exploring the multidimensionality of globalization: perspectives and insightsRana Zamin Abbas
2011Exploring the puzzles, paradoxes and limitations of civil society as a development agent in developing countriesRana Zamin Abbas; Muhammad Amin; Syed Aamir Mahmood; Hafiz Abdur Rashid
2014Extending Kahn's model of personal engagement and disengagement at work” with reference to existential attributes: A case study of HR managers in PakistanRana Zamin Abbas; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Naveed Yazdani; Ali Asghar
2011From modernity to postmodernity: a historical discourse on western civilizationNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Rana Zamin Abbas
2011Gandhi�s ahimsa- a critical review at the critical time of war against terrorismRana Zamin Abbas; Abdur Rahman Malik; Muhammad Ashraf; Abdul Chaudhry Rehman; Zulfqar Ahmad
2012Insight into intra-organizational economic governance: an analytical discourseMuhammad Rizwan Junaid; Rana Zamin Abbas; Nazir Ahmad Malik; Mohammad Ajmal Khurshid
2012Intellectual deathMuhammad Rizwan Junaid; Tahseen Mahmood Aslam; Muhammad Razzaq Athar; Nazir Ahmad Malik; Rana Zamin Abbas
2012Knowledge circle: maintaining intra organizational knowledge flowMuhammad Rizwan Junaid; Rana Zamin Abbas; Nazir Ahmad Malik; Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid
2011Knowledge management and inter civilization dialogue: a peaceful solution to global financial crisisRana Zamin Abbas; Abdul Ghaffar Ghaffari
2012Managerial ethics in islamic frameworkRana Zamin Abbas; Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal; Muhammad Rizwan Junaid; Rana Ghulam Ahmad; Tahseen Mahmood Aslam
2012Managing knowledge and inter-civilization dialogue through islamic economic policy: a review of literatureRana Zamin Abbas; Dawood Mamoon