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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Assessing the link between intellectual capital formation and performance of a universityNaveed Yazdani
2010Civilization and organization theory: a new eistemological discourseNaveed Yazdani
2012Civilization and organization theory: a new epistemological discourseNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad
2013Coronary heart disease and five factor model of personality: a statistical assessment of the linkNaveed Yazdani; Ahmed Faisal Siddiqi
2011Determinants of sinic civilization and their impact on organization theoryNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Rana Zamin Abbas; Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal
2012The economics and philosophy of globalizationNaveed Yazdani; Dawood Mamoon
2012Economics, education and religion: can western theories be generalized across religions?Naveed Yazdani; Dawood Mamoon
2013The effect of affect-based and cognition-based trust on the sharing and use of tacit knowledgeNaveed Yazdani; Adnan Siddique
2013Emotional labor & big five personality modelNaveed Yazdani
2011The existential face of organization: a literature reviewRana Zamin Abbas; Ahmad Raza; Muhammad Ashraf; Naveed Yazdani; Abdur Rahman Malik; Zulfqar Ahmad
2014Extending Kahn's model of personal engagement and disengagement at work” with reference to existential attributes: A case study of HR managers in PakistanRana Zamin Abbas; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Naveed Yazdani; Ali Asghar
2007Faith & reason: a synthesis in our societyNaveed Yazdani
2011From modernity to postmodernity: a historical discourse on western civilizationNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Rana Zamin Abbas
2013A historicity in management researchMudassir Farooqi; Naveed Yazdani
2013Hofstede's cultural model, lmx and Pakistani historic-socio-political discourseNaveed Yazdani
2013Ikujiro nonaka:A km guruAbdul Rasheed Kausar; Naveed Yazdani
2010Mintzberg�s strategy continuum: philosophic and theoretical underpinningsNaveed Yazdani
2012Organization theory and poetry: a not so elusive linkNaveed Yazdani; Hasan Sohaib Murad; Rana Zamin Abbas
2010Organizational democracy and organization structure link: role of strategic leadership & environmental uncertaintyNaveed Yazdani
2013Organizational learningSyed Shahid Hussain; Naveed Yazdani