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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Coal consumption: an alternate energy resource to fuel economic growth in PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Saqlain Latif Satti; Haider Mahmood; Muhammad Shahbaz
2013Consequences of worker´┐Żs remittances on human capital: an in-depth investigation for a case of PakistanMahboob Ul Hassan; Haider Mehmood; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2012Does growth led inflation hypothesis & locus critique exist in Pakistan? A time series studyMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Iftikhar Ahmad; Haider Mahmood
2015Economic growth and inflow of remittances: do they combat poverty in an emerging economy?Saqlain Latif Satti; Muhammad Shahid Hassan; Fozia Hayat; Sudharshan Reddy Paramati
2013An empirical inquisition of the impact of exchange rate and economic growth on export performance of PakistanMahboob Ul Hassan; Muhammad Shahid Hassan; Haider Mahmood
2013Human capital: is it beneficial for trade openness in Pakistan?Akeela Maryam; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2013Military expenditure and poverty in Pakistan: a complex phenomenonRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2014Public defense spending and poverty in PakistanRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2016Revisiting determinants of money demand function in Pakistan.Dawood Mamoon; Umbreen Iftekhar; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2012The role of key macroeconomic variables in fiscal deficit of Pakistan: an empirical analysisMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Rukhsana Kalim
2013Some non-price factors that fend off unemployment in PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Ayesha Wajid; Dawood Mamoon
2016Stock market development, can it help reduce inflation in saarc countries?Ibrahim Sulaiman; Noman Arshed; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2015Testing relevance of twin deficit for a transition economy like Pakistan.Ayesha Wajid; Muhammad Shahid Hassan
2010Trade led growth hypothesis: an empirical investigation from PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Muhammad Wasif Siddiqi
2012The triangular causality among education, health and economic growth: a time series analysis of PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Rukhsana Kalim
2012Urbanization as a way to open economy: empirical evidence from PakistanMuhammad Shahid Hassan; Ayesha Wajid; Khalil Ahmed
2013What lies behind fiscal deficitRukhsana Kalim; Muhammad Shahid Hassan