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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An analytical study of governance strategies at secondary school level in PakistanSajida Mukhtar; Khalid Rashid; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
2011An analytical study of higher education system of PakistanSajida Mukhtar; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Muhammad Saeed
2011The current context teachers and teaching in PakistanFarah Naz; Abida Khalid; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
2010Effect of mentoring on the teaching skills of b.ed level students during teaching practiceAbida Khalid; Farah Naz; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Farhat Munir
2012Emotional intelligence and transformative leadership style of principals in high schoolsIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Tahseen Mehmood Aslam
2011Entrepreneurial skills enhance the achievement level of school leadersFarah Naz; Farhat Munir; Abida Khalid; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
2011The implementation of curricula at secondary level: role of head teacherFarah Naz; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Abida Khalid
2011Leadership behavior and organizational commitment: An empirical study of educational professionalsIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Zulfiqar Ali; Saeed, Muhammad
2010Leadership style of school head-teachers and their colleague’s work-family conflictIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Uzma Quraishi
2011A linkage between human capital and demographic externalitiesNaila Nisar; Ahmad Raza; Zulfiqar Ali; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
2011Linkage between leadership and reading : A theoretical reviewIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Uzma Quraishi; Shabir Ahmad
2011Management of Pakistan higher education in emerging scenariosIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Saeed, Muhammad; Sajlda Mukhtar; Zalar Iqbal, Muhammad
Feb-2011Motivation and student's behavior: A tertiary level studyZulfiqar Ali; Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Saeed, Muhammad
2011Organizational behavior and procedural-interactive justice in HRM: A secondary school level studyIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Saeed, Muhammad; Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad
2011A review of educational values of the modern muslim thinker: Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A)Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah; Zulfiqar Ali; Naila Nisar
Jul-2011Role of antecedents in managerial successIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad
2011Role of board of governors and parent teacher associations in district public schools in the context of conflicts and challengesIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad
2011Role of human capital and education in economic growthIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Farah Naz; Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
2012Role of intelligence and creativity in the academic achievement of studentsIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Tahseen Mehmood Aslam; Zulfiqar Ali; Muhammad Iqbal
Nov-2010A survey study to find out the relationship between leadership styles and demographic characteristics of elementary and secondary school teachersIjaz Ahmad Tatlah; Uzma Quraishi; Ishtiaq Hussain