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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Formulation and characterization of astaxanthin-enriched nanoemulsions stabilized using ginseng saponins as natural emulsifiersShu, Gaofeng; Nauman Khalid; Chen, Zhang; A. Neves, Marcos; J. Barrow, Colin; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi
2018Formulation and characterization of water-in-oil nanoemulsions loaded with acai´┐Ż berry anthocyanins: insights of degradation kinetics and stability evaluation of anthocyanins and nanoemulsionsA.S. Rabelo, Cezar; Taarji, Noamane; Nauman Khalid; Kobayashi, Isao; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi; A. Neves, Marcos
2010Formulation and stabilization of oil-in-water nanoemulsions using a saponinsrich extract from argan oil press-cakeTaarji, Noamane; A. Rabelo da Silva, Cezar; Nauman Khalid; Gadhi, Chemseddoha; Hafidi, Abdellatif; Kobayashi, Isao; A. Neves, Marcos; Isoda, Hiroko; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi
2018Gypenosides as natural emulsifiers for oil-in-water nanoemulsions loaded with astaxanthin: insights of formulation, stability and release propertiesChen, Zhang; Shu, Gaofeng; Taarji, Noamane; J. Barrow, Colin; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi; Nauman Khalid; A. Neves, Marcos
2018In vitro bio accessibility of ergocalciferol in nanoemulsion-based delivery system: the influence of food-grade emulsifiers with different stabilising mechanismsShu, Gaofeng; Nauman Khalid; Boon Tan, Tai; Zhao, Yiguo; A. Neves, Marcos; Kobayashi, Isao; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi
2018Microchannel emulsification: a promising technique towards encapsulation of functional compoundsNauman Khalid; Kobayashi, Isao; A. Neves, Marcos; Uemura, Kunihiko; Nakajima, Mitsutoshi